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Cleaning Supplies

OrderCloud marketplace for Cleaning Supplies


Cleaning supplies retailer entrusted Widerix to combine all business operations into one OrderCloud marketplace


The Customer

The client together with partners sells eco-friendly cleaning supplies within the US market through different online stores. There are a variety of catalogs and product sets. Total amount of all products is more than 500,000 records.


The Need

The client with a strong focus on sustainability wanted to combine all stores into one marketplace to reduce overhead costs and provide better brand recognition and scalability in the partnership.


The Challenges
  • Data migration from a various systems into one platform;

  • Supporting multiple suppliers;

  • Multisite capabilities;

  • Multi supplier order shipment.


The Solution

The Widerix team did research on which commerce provider can handle all necessary functionality. The choice was to use OrderCloud due to its out of the box marketplace functionality and wide enhancement capability. 

The solution included creating 3 different applications:

  • A multi-storefront that provides all purchase capabilities to customers;

  • A store administrator panel to provide management capabilities of catalogs, customers, orders and suppliers; 

  • A supplier panel to manage supplier catalogs and order processin.

All applications are utilizing Next.js as a framework. It provides more consistency and less maintenance efforts due the same technology stack.

The storefront uses the current customer location of guest users to show specific content and products. was used for content management, each region has its own content. All suppliers are defined to particular regions so customers see products only relevant to their regions. 

The store administrator panel has different user roles. Based on the role: admin, sales manager and suppliers manager user can get access to the permitted functionality. 

The supplier panel allows to manage catalogs data and process orders. Catsy is being used as a main PIM system to automate majority partner’s catalogs. The client provides services to integrate other PIMs to the system for their partners. Due to OrderCloud enhancement capabilities it can be done effortlessly.

For data migration a few custom tools were created per each platform. They adjusted and uploaded all catalogs data within the new system.

To provide good reliability and performance, Amazon Web Services were used for hosting all applications and databases. All artifacts were wrapped into Docker containers and deployed there.


The Outcome

For 6 months, the fully workable solution was developed. 


Onboarding complexity of the new suppliers has been reduced. It allowed new suppliers to be involved immediately after launching. 


Due to one system, operations and maintenance costs were reduced, which was positively noticed on the next Sustainability assessment. The one marketplace provides a wide variety of products available. It has a positive influence on total sales.


Technology Stack

Platforms: OrderCloud,, Catsy and Amazon Web Services;


Frameworks and Tools: Node.js and Next.js;

Programming Languages: TypeScript.


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