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BigCommerce Office Furniture
Distributor portal

Office Furniture producer entrusted Widerix to automate B2B sales and create tools for supporting distributor's sales.


The Customer

The client produces and spreads its products through local distributors within the US market.

The product catalog contains more than 5000 SKU.


The Need

The client wants to develop a new solution based on BigCommerce. It should automate operating within the distributor's network and orders. A key feature of the new storefront is a Product Builder with

3D Visualization


The Challenges
  • Make possible to use and sync catalog data in BigCommerce from already used SYSPRO ERP system;

  • Automatic orders processing from BigCommerce to the ERP system;

  • Make good performant 3D Visualization tool;

  • Ability to configure products through a ton of options and get final SKU.


The Solution

We used the Headless Architecture approach to provide better performance and support all necessary features. Next.js as a framework was used for the headless storefront. was utilized for content management capabilities. It allowed the clients' marketing team to create promo content and manage promotion sections without involving developers.

Bundle B2B was used for supporting company management capabilities. 

Custom integration tool was developed to make it possible to sync data between BigCommerce and the SYSPRO ERP system. It uses notifications to catch changes within both systems, adjusts the updated data from one format to another and sends compatible data. It allowed the client to automate orders processing and to keep catalog data within the ERP system. 

The integration tool is utilizing Serverless approach for cost optimization and hosted on AWS Lambda.

Developed the Product Builder Component for making it possible to configure products on the fly. All possible options are obtained from Product Options within the BigCommerce catalog. At the end, the user gets a combined product SKU by selected variants and can place order on the product.

Three.js was used for 3D Visualization of the product. Also our 3D Artists created 3D models and textures for each product option. 

To provide good reliability and performance, Amazon Web Services were used for hosting all applications and databases. All artifacts were wrapped into Docker containers and deployed there.


The Outcome

After 9 months, the fully workable solution was produced.

The SYSPRO ERP system is used as a single source of truth.

Distributors are satisfied with the new product builder tool that allowed them to visualize products for their customers. Sales conversion rate started showing continuous growth.


Technology Stack

Platforms: BigCommerce, Bundle B2b, SYSPRO and Amazon Web Services.


Frameworks and Tools: Node.js, Next.js and Three.js.


Programming Languages: JavaScript and Typescript.


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