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Automated Order Management System as one of the Key Elements to Business Growth

Updated: 6 days ago

Order Processing Automation takes away a plethora of tedious tasks from your employees and lets them take care of more meaningful chores. At the same time, customers get the best service and stay satisfied with near-instant communication during the stage of placing orders.

Automated order management system

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Growing from a startup to a mid-size company and enterprise is an inevitable consequence of managers' and employees’ hard work and dedication. You start with the idea, then you get funding, hire a team, start dealing with clients, and grow popularity and recognition. Yet, at some time, you’ll have to pass through a painful and time-consuming period that manifests your rebirth as a company with greater outreach, bigger responsibilities, and fatter checks.

Automation is absorbing all industries, and Ecommerce is not an exception. For a company to keep its customer satisfaction high the speed of transactions and zero-error policies are a necessity. Less waiting time to onboard a customer, rapid order fulfillment, errorless order management, and fast delivery - these are just some of the requirements Ecommerce companies are squeezed in to withstand the growing competition in reaching out to the hearts of customers.

Based on the recent statistics 76% of businesses have integrated automated services for everyday workflow and standardization. Also, around 65% of employees claim that automated manual tasks make them less stressed while at work. An automated order management system is one of the key elements to build a reliable and resilient omnichannel strategy allowing businesses to stay ahead of competitors and managing to create a much healthier working space for knowledge workers.

What is an Automated Order Management System

Order processing automation is only a part of a much bigger process - an inventory management system. Order processing automation uses the company’s inventory data to build on it. What used to be a manual task of registering incoming sales in spreadsheets is now performed automatically.

Moreover, it can take orders from different channels: websites, online marketplaces, offline stores, social media, etc. simultaneously, instantly, and error-free. The situation when your clients need help with the order, they send a request and no one gets back to them, which leads to the following cancellation, is in the past. With automated order management, each customer is efficiently tracked and provided help instantly.

Also, software such as BigCommerce order management system integration helps to adjust the inventory system to the changing conditions of some items being added or removed (sold). It helps the company to have accurate information and is exceptionally beneficial for businesses working in the wholesale segment. The processes automated management order systems facilitate processing payment, sales, CRM, inventory control, shipment, goods for return, and reporting.

Benefits of Order Processing Automation

1. Less Confusion with Preorders and Backorders

In case customers would like to buy something that is out of stock, they can leave a backorder for the item. Manual handling of preorders and backorders could bring mistakes and human error. An automated order management system eliminates all difficulties and enables employees to concentrate on more meaningful tasks.

2. Real-time Visibility of Goods

One of the biggest benefits of an automated order management system is that it allows for an unprecedented level of connectivity between all platforms your business is operating and warehouses. With only one click, you can get access to any item information in real-time.

3. Precise Calculations for Stockout, Overstocking, and Safe Stock

Automation in order processing has the potential to predict based on the time of the year, market analytics, and inventory database, which items need to be replaced, which ones should be ordered, and which are not popular with customers any more and their order amount should be decreased.

4. Facilitation of Items Recall Procession

In case of customers ordering items that are subjected to recall the order processing automation can immediately let them know about it and suggest some similar items as replacement. Of course, such situations do not happen very often, but it’s important to know that you have an effective system manageable to relate to customers instantly.

5. Increased Level of Customer Satisfaction

Due to the near-instant activities for order management, automated systems make the shopping experience enjoyable. If items are out of stock, backorder is suggested. Once the goods reach the warehouse, the customer is alerted that the items in the cart are ready for ordering. All these could be done without a single human touch.


It’s quite logical to assume that if the Ecommerce company wants to grow and have a bigger turnover, the scale of its operations has to grow as well. Here businesses have two ways: either leave manual order management as it is and keep hiring more people as the company grows or integrate a backend system to the Ecommerce platform which will be capable of taking care of order management in addition to other back-office operations. One of the best of its class is BigCommerce order management system integration. Check out our case study on BigCommerce order processing automation and how we managed to link BigCommerce and the customer’s SYSPRO ERP.

In addition, upon request our specialists could introduce into your existing order management system automated fraud protection, automated payment procession, automated inventory management, and order fulfilment.

Get in touch with us if you require the upscale of your Ecommerce platform in terms of order processing automation or any other type of activity. Also, if you need a consultation or just seek an advisor who could walk you through the Ecommerce tech stack.

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