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AI Solutions for the IoT World

AI Solutions for the IoT World

Get a competitive advantage by adding AI to your IoT product with help from our AI agency


Why AI for IoT?

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IoT Devices with Advanced AI Integration

Personalized User Experiences

AI enables IoT devices to learn from user behaviors, adapting functionalities to individual preferences, which enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

Predictive Maintenance

AI analyzes data from IoT sensors to predict equipment failures before they occur, reducing downtime and maintenance costs in industries like manufacturing and logistics.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

 AI algorithms continuously analyze data from IoT sensors, enabling real-time adjustments in manufacturing processes. This leads to a significant reduction in waste and increases overall efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Surveillance

AI algorithms improve security by analyzing data from IoT sensors and cameras for anomaly detection, unauthorized access, or potential safety hazards in both public and private sectors.

Improved Decision Making

By leveraging AI, IoT devices can process and analyze vast amounts of data, turning them into actionable insights. This empowers businesses to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Healthcare Monitoring and Analysis

In healthcare, AI analyzes data from IoT medical devices for patient monitoring, disease prediction, and providing personalized treatment plans.

Use cases of AI for IoT

AI for IoT


Personalized User Experience in Smart Homes

One-size-fits-all settings in smart homes not meeting individual preferences.


AI Solution: AI learns from user behaviors and preferences to customize the smart home environment, like adjusting lighting, music and temperature, to enhance user comfort and satisfaction.

AI Solution
AI Smart Home

Your Benefits

Our unique combination of experience in AI and IoT and strong focus on the niche makes us the only AI agency partner you would find and trust. 

IoT Expertise and
Like-Minded People

We love and know your IoT domain, speak your language and consult on how to implement AI in the best way

Really Smart Functions

We implement AI/ML that boost your smart functionality related to analyze, predictability and fast decision making

AI/ML/IoT Solutions

We offer a one-stop-shop for all software and hardware needs, from initial consultation to go-live.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Solutions

We provide cost-effective and flexible development options that align with your budget and business size

AI Expertise

We delivered AI/ML solutions to IoT long before it became popular


Decreases Time to Market 

No need to build in-house expertise for years, get almost immediate access to our knowledge

How Our AI Integrations Work

Happy IoT Clients

Client Needs

  • We begin by thoroughly understanding your specific needs and challenges in the IoT space.

  • Our team conducts an assessment to identify key areas where AI can add value to your IoT products.

STEP 1.1

Project Establishment

  • Our engineers together with you create a result-driven roadmap to ensure successful AI implementation.

  • We establish all project infrastructure and DevOps practices to ensure effective and smooth project execution together with a high visibility level for our clients. 

STEP 1.2

For Clients Without Existing IoT Devices:

  • If you don't have an existing IoT infrastructure, our team of skilled hardware engineers steps in.

  • We design and develop custom IoT devices tailored to your specific operational needs and objectives.

  • Our approach involves understanding the unique aspects of your business and creating devices that seamlessly fit into your operational ecosystem.


Data Collection & Analysis

  • We establish connection to your IoT devices or databases to collect relevant data

  • This data is then analyzed to understand patterns, anomalies, and potential areas of improvement.


AI Model Development

  • Based on the analysis, we develop customized AI models tailored to your specific requirements.

  • These models are trained to make predictions, automate tasks, or optimize processes.


Integration with IoT Devices

  • The AI models are then integrated back into your IoT ecosystem.

  • This integration is done seamlessly ensuring that your existing operations are not disrupted.


Real-Time Processing and Action

  • The AI-enabled IoT devices now process data in real-time, making intelligent decisions and taking actions autonomously.

  • Examples include predictive maintenance alerts, automated adjustments in smart homes, etc.


Continuous Learning & Adaptation

  • The AI-enabled IoT devices now process data in real-time, making intelligent decisions and taking actions autonomously.

  • Examples include predictive maintenance alerts, automated adjustments in smart homes, etc.


Optional: Ongoing Support & Optimization

  • Our team provides ongoing support to ensure the AI integration remains optimal.

  • We offer regular updates, maintenance, and consultations to keep your systems efficient and effective.


is expected AI In IoT Market size by 2029, growth at a CAGR of 7.86% during the forecast period (2024-2029)

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