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Widerix Career

Build your career
at Widerix

Why work with us

We enthusiastically embrace digital disruptors who can contribute to the development of our cutting-edge solutions. We work remotely and our team excels in creating acclaimed AI software solutions and delivering value for our IoT clients.

Are you ready to be part of shaping the digital future? Take a look at our career opportunities and submit your application today.


Our Benefits

Remote by design

we were created as remote company and still happy about it

Company Culture

we build comfortable environment which helps to focus on your work

Ownership and Impact

with us you will have a chance to realize yourself

Employee Referral Programs

help us with finding your new colleague and we will appreciate it financially

Professional Development

we see value in professionalism and do our best to help colleagues to grow

Flexible Work Arrangements

project needs matter, all other - your authority to decide

Now we are looking for

Instead worrying that AI can replace you - better to join us and develop AI.

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