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Measurable Staff Augmentation services form Widerix

Empowering an IoT Startup with AI Expertise through Staff Augmentation


Gaining trust through efficient staffing and execution, our team successfully tackled the AI project for an IoT startup.


The Customer

An ambitious IoT startup had a vision to build an AI-driven Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for analyzing vast data sets. Their goal was to enhance the incident's predictability and enable semi-automatic decision-making with these data-driven insights. While they excelled in IoT, their team lacked AI expertise and were hesitant to commit to a permanent AI team.



The Challenges
  • The client needed to rapidly onboard four specialized AI engineers.

  • The required roles included a Data Scientist, a Machine Learning Engineer, an AI Architect and a Software Engineer with AI experience.

  • Strong English communication skills were essential for effective collaboration and consultancy.



The Problem

​The startup faced several constraints: a lack of in-house AI knowledge, a limited budget preventing onsite hiring, and an urgent need to validate the potential competitive advantage of integrating AI into their product.​



The Solution

Initial Analysis: We began with a concise analysis of their specific needs, clarifying how AI could be strategically applied to their project.

Collaborative Hiring Process: Working closely with the client, we conducted a thorough screening and interview process, focusing on both technical skills and cultural fit. This approach ensured the selected candidates would seamlessly integrate with the client's team.

Efficient Staffing: Remarkably, we managed to staff the required team of a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Architect, and a Software Engineer with AI expertise in just a little bit more than 2 weeks. This rapid assembly of a specialized team was pivotal in maintaining the project's momentum.

Effective Onboarding and Development: Once the team was assembled, we facilitated a smooth onboarding process, paving the way for an efficient development cycle.

Responsive Feedback Mechanism: After the first month of development, we gathered 1st comprehensive feedback. For one engineer, we implemented adjustments which were positively accepted by the engineer. The client was satisfied with the approach as we kept the already onboarded engineer and normalized performance. It  demonstrated our commitment to both team harmony and client satisfaction.

Ongoing Support: Throughout the project, we continued to collect periodic feedback, making minor but impactful adjustments to ensure continual alignment with the client's evolving needs and team's performance.



The Outcome

Our staff augmentation approach not only met the tight staffing timeframe but also provided the client with a tailored team of AI experts who effectively complemented their existing IoT skills. This strategic move allowed the startup to confidently explore AI capabilities in their product, with the flexibility of not committing to a permanent team. The client was particularly pleased with the cultural fit and the seamless integration of our augmented staff, which played a crucial role in the smooth progression and success of the project.




This case exemplifies how staff augmentation can be a game-changer for startups looking to explore new technological domains without the risk of long-term commitments. Our ability to quickly understand the client's needs, coupled with our expertise in assembling and managing a high-caliber AI team, enabled the IoT startup to make significant strides in AI integration, paving the way for potential market advantages.



Technology Stack

Data Science and Machine Learning:: Python, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Pandas and NumPy

AI Integration and Development: Python and React

Cloud Platform: AWS

Database: PostgreSQL 

DevOps and Deployment: Docker and Kubernetes


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