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The only software agency focused on AI for IoT

The only software agency focused on AI for IoT

We believe in the transformative power of AI to redefine the IoT landscape for a meaningful impact and want to help with it.


Let Us Take Your  IoT Product to Higher Grounds

We specialise only on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Internet of Things (IoT): Solutions and

corresponding Staff Augmentation services.

Our practical experience of integrating AI with IoT: check which competitive advantage AI can bring to your IoT product 

We know how to understand who is really needed and are able to hire exactly these people

Why Widerix?

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Our Process: From First Click to Final Triumph

7 simple and transparent steps of how to start collaboration and work with us. 


Initial Contact

Client fills out our simple contact form. We reply less than within 1 business day to acknowledge receipt and schedule a discovery call.



Discovery Call & Plan Adjustment

A deep-dive call to explore the client's goals, challenges, and needs, followed within 3 business days by the presentation of a proposal. This step includes a feedback and adjustment session, ensuring the proposal aligns closely with client expectations and goals.


Agreement and Start

After proposal approval, we finalize an agreement detailing the solution or service provision, completed within 1 business day. An onboarding session introduces key team members and establishes communication protocols.


Regular Updates and Feedback Loop

Regular progress updates and feedback sessions are scheduled, including feedback on our engineers, ensuring final deliverables meet expectations. These sessions are arranged bi-weekly, with adjustments made as necessary to ensure client satisfaction.


Final Review, Approval, and Feedback

Upon completion of initial delivery or after a significant milestone for long-term services, we conduct a review with the client. This step also includes feedback on the effectiveness of the solution or staff performance.


Satisfaction follow-up and Future Needs

A follow-up call is made within 10 business days to ensure client satisfaction, gather additional feedback and discuss any further support needs or future projects.



Continuous Partnership Opportunities

Periodic calls to discuss opportunities for ongoing support, additional services, and future collaborations, keeping the door open for a sustained partnership.

Who is Widerix

Who we are

Widerix is an "AI for IoT" focused IT services provider that specialize in providing AI solutions for IoT and corresponding Staff Augmentation services.

We're zeros in solely on AI for IoT because we see the unmatched potential in this combo. AI unlocks new levels of efficiency and innovation in IoT devices, and by concentrating exclusively on this niche, we ensure our expertise and solutions are always at the cutting edge, tailored to make a real difference where it matters most. Our development center is located in Warsaw, Poland while we hire across all Europe.


AI for IoT: Our Sole Focus,

Your Unique Advantage

Michael Zhdanau, Widerix CEO
Michael Zhdanau

Founder & CEO

14 years in IT, AI and IoT domains, delivery and product management

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In 2020, Michael, our CEO, took his first step into merging AI with IoT by integrating Machine learning (ML) into an IoT product. This initial project was a lightbulb moment, revealing the untapped potential of AI to revolutionize IoT applications. After years of witnessing AI and IoT growth and potential first-hand, Michael was inspired to take a leap. Motivated by a genuine love for AI and a strong interest in the IoT field, he established our company. Our foundation is built on Michael's early achievements and his vision to continuously explore and innovate within these dynamic tech landscapes.

Now Widerix has a squad of qualified engineers with whom we have been working together for a long time. Together we are ready for any AI for IoT challenges and love to help our clients.

Overall our staffing strategy is based on client's needs and that's why we have different people but they are excellent for our clients and always have needed expertise. Despite different seniority levels all of our engineers are professionals with the right attitude to services we make together. 

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